Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ladies Nice Things

I stole a few hours this morning and went to the Christie Antique Show with my mother in law. I had no intention of buying, what with the husband and I already drowning in stuff, but of course I did.

The purchase of an old purse in navy leather started the ball rolling. It's not in great condition, but for $12 I just couldn't resist. I do love a good, proper ladies bag, especially one with a built in frame purse inside -- vay, vay cool. A few booths later, I found one of my favourite vendors of antique textiles (Jan Marriott, and bought a couple of gorgeous silk scarves (one from the 40s, one from the 50s) for $20. Then my mother in law treated me to a pair of thick, fluted milkshake glasses -- the perfect accompaniment to a pair of recently rediscovered green Fireking oval diner plates that have been buried in our basement for a few years. My final purchase was, of all things, a triple strand of fake pearls. I've never really cared for costume jewellery and yet, today, it was all I could do not to buy brooches and bracelets and rings by the bucketful.

Looking at my purchases all together, I think we can all come to the conclusion that I might be watching a little too much Mad Men these days...



Kim said...

Mmmm John Hamm.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome haul!