Monday, April 12, 2010


If you're like me, you have a Pavlovian response to the words Fried Cheese. Cheese? Gooood. Fried? Gooooood. Put 'em together and you might as well ring a bell and commence salivation.

Although I've been a fan of fried Haloumi for some time, its relative scarcity around these parts (you can find it if you look hard enough, it's just not always the best) coupled with its occasional destructive effects on our digestive systems means that I'd gotten out of the habit of fried cheese and salad for dinner.

Well, no more. My mouth is happy and my hips are sobbing but Upper Canada Cheese Company has resuscitated this household's fried cheese habit.

Always late to the party (I really have to start paying attention to the outside world again), I only just heard about Upper Canada Cheese Company's amazing Guernsey Girl cheese. Made from the milk of a single herd of Guernsey cows, this cheese is absolutely meant for frying or grilling. It's buttery but not bland, creates its own delicious crust in the pan and squeaks a bit as you bite through. Fried up and sprinkled with a crunchy salt like Maldon, it's pure dairy heaven. So much so that I'm not sure I'll ever explore the recipes devised for the Guernsey Girl challenge, it's just so perfect on its own, hot out of the pan.

Read a bit more about it here or at Then get thee to the Cheese Boutique, or, even better, to Upper Canada in Jordan, ON and buy it by the blockload!


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