Friday, January 15, 2010

about this #draw365 thing...

As I mentioned before, I haven't drawn a thing in years. Unlike riding a bike, I think it's something you do forget, or at least it's the type of thing where if you don't use it, your facility for drawing really rusts up.

So, I have to say, agreeing to draw something, ANYTHING, every day and posting it for all the twitterverse to see has made quite an impact. Without thinking, I seem to have started a bit of a series of self portraits in the mode of famous images. Kinda my version of Cindy Sherman, on a doodling scale. I've attached the first two, one of me as a Zaftig Edie Sedgwick and another as a Zaftig Betty Grable. Honestly, this is the most fun I've had with a sketchbook in decades. If I keep going, I might have an entire wall full of fat little me cutouts. Silly! But so damned fun to do!


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