Friday, June 12, 2009

A brief encomium

Today is Kate's birthday. Happy Birthday, Kate!

As of this summer, Kate and I have been friends for 15 years. This means that for the past decade and a half, I've not had to remember anything I've said or written in Kate's presence, not a single bon mot/pithy comment/blast of vitriol, as she is the memory keeper of this friendship. Seriously, her acute ability to store whatever nonsense pours forth from my piehole is something to be reckoned with. If she'd harness that power for the greater good of mankind, she'd be a formidable member of the Super Friends, kicking ass in the Hall Of Justice.

And, all references to the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of our childhood aside, she is my Super Friend. For 15 years, Kate has faithfully made me laugh, listened to me, given me her honest opinion when I come out of a fitting room, made me laugh, introduced me to the wonders of cross-border shopping, let me tell her how much she reminds me of Doris Day at least four times a year without telling me off, gotten drunk with me, let me float in her pool for endless hours, let me help choose her wedding dress, made me laugh, taken my suggestion for two of her children's names (Annabelle and Charlotte, it's all my fault and I promise not to be too heartbroken when you hit the I'm-Changing-My-Name-To-Tiffany stage of adolescence), always understood implicitly the absolute minutiae of my world and vice versa to the point where we speak in broken sentences because we don't have to articulate every thought (although that doesn't stop us), endured marathon phone conversations while I was stuck in rush hour traffic and needed someone to keep me awake, made me laugh, discussed everything under the sun with me, agreed to doing this blog, stood beside me on my wedding day AND most importantly, introduced me to my husband.

She is my sister from another mother, neck-and-neck with my husband for title of Funniest Person I Know, a true best friend (cringe-making, I know, to hear an adult use that term but it's just so fitting) in every sense.

Happy Birthday, Kate!
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